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Alright so I’ve seen a lot of people saying how they wish they had my body or it’s “perfect”. Well, it’s really not. Here’s pictures showing me sitting in an uncomfortable pose, flexing, sucking in, sticking out my booty, etc. and then on the other side, the “normal” side, is me sitting/ standing comfortably, like how i would see myself in the mirror if i wasn’t posing for a picture. So I hope you guys see this as a friendly reminder that even progress or “after” pictures, even if they aren’t photoshopped, are still lying to you. Nobody looks like that 24/7. Take it easy on yourselves and stop comparing your body to mine or anyone else’s! LOVE YOUR BODY!

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You’re so cute!! 😍

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Girl your butt is amazing. Teach me your ways. You’re such an inspiration also! One of the best blogs I follow.

Aww thank you!(: and daily squats hahaha

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2013 in retrospect: some of the most reblogged photos on pump-and-burn. #3


With the new year just beginning, I set out to make a comprehensive guide of everything I thought would be helpful to making your health-based new years resolutions a reality. The problem was, once I started compiling guides and lists I realized there was just too much important stuff to tell you! The solution? I separated it into a 3 part guide starting tonight with this healthy eating handbook! Tomorrow I’ll post a fitness handbook and on the final day a collection of tips, ideas, and ways to stay motivated in the new healthy lifestyle you’re creating! I hope this series will help you choose the lifestyle YOU want to live and ultimately love what you do every day!


For this handbook, I included the posts I thought would be most helpful! There’s a complete grocery guide, explanations of 3 of the most popular methods of purposeful eating (calorie counting, intuitive eating, & set meal plans), setting up your kitchen for success & support and more!



How To Get Rid Of Dark Elbows (Naturally)

- Cut large lemon in half

- Rub elbow with lemon juice

- Wipe off pulp bits but do not rinse or remove lemon juice from skin for at least 3 hours

- Moisturize

- Stay out of the sun or keep area covered with loose clothing

- Repeat process daily until skin is even

Via WikiHow

P.S. This exact method works for underarms, knees and your face (no more than 15-20 min on face)! Pretty much anywhere on the body! And instead of Vaseline, try a cleaner, all-natural oil, butter or lotion of your choice.



There are two things in life that I am truly passionate about: Comics, and honey.

I just learned some sweet shit, bro.